Safety is Our Business

There are lots of ways to measure the success of an Edge Themed Environments project, from animal wellbeing to viewer satisfaction. But all of these rely on an underlying metric for success: worker safety.

We believe that safety isn’t something that happens on its own — it must be taught and reinforced until it becomes a habit. And then it must be subject to continuous improvement.

We’re continually building our culture of safety in a number of ways. We have a dedicated, full-time safety coordinator to monitor and improve our day-to-day activities. We have company-wide standard procedures and guidance to keep ourselves accountable.

With safety comes creative freedom, the opportunity to push ourselves artistically, and ultimately, unforgettable themed experiences.

“You are responsible for the safety of yourself as well as for the safety of others. Be safe, work safe, go home safe. That’s the goal we try our absolute hardest to meet, everyday, in everything that we do.”


Scott Mischenko / Safety Manager, Edge Concrete Construction, LLC