Assured Quality and Immersive Experiences

Edge Themed Environments gives theming a whole new definition. Theme is what makes an exhibit a memorable, real-life experience.

We guarantee the quality of our workmanship and are confident we will leave you astounded by the realism of our creations. Our themed projects include the fabrication, sculpting, and painting of a wide range of materials, in which naturalistic features are achieved.

At Edge Themed Environments, we strive to generate your dream exhibit above and beyond your request. The creation of a naturalistic themed environment requires an attention to detail and expertise that we confidently provide.

“If you want someone who’s really creative and wants to do the right thing by the exhibit, you hire Edge.”

Todd Scholz / Vice President of Capital Projects, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

Our Services

Zoo Exhibits

The conventional zoo has transformed from basic animal enclosures to the recreation of natural wilderness environments. Edge Themed Environments always has a strong focus on the wellbeing of animals and ensures that their needs are prioritized. We combine our experience and conservation mind set to produce outstanding natural zoo exhibits that immerse guests and animals into our built environments. All products used in our zoos and aquariums are non-toxic and suited to the setting and care of all participating parties. Our theming and collaboration allows us to maximize public views and safe interactions with zoo life.


We are your trusted specialist in creating interactive museum exhibits. Our exhibits target the educational aspects to engage guests in a memorable learning experience. Museums provide a wide range of opportunities for creativity and customization for our skilled craftsmen. Our background in building with ADA requirements ensures the safety of everyone enjoying our exhibits.



To study the interaction of volumes, different viewpoints, and concepts during the design process we create a three dimensional, to-scale model of the project. Models represent existing site features and designed elements intended to be followed in the building process. They are beneficial in planning a complicated or unusual design, or as a focus for discussion between designers and consultants. Special attention is taken to make sure that all elements are within the correct scale. Our model makers use a wide variety of materials to create the most accurate and hyper realistic outcomes.