Denver Zoo


Toyota Elephant Passage

Toyota Elephant passage at Denver Zoo, was a really exciting project to get as our first zoo job. We worked really hard to get this project, as we were a smaller company at the time, and weren’t as recognized. This was a CLR Project, and was a major steppingstone into the zoo and aquarium industry. This exhibit features some of the largest elephant pools in the country. Not only do the elephants have pools, but they also have the luxury of hot tubs.

Edge creates environments that are comfortable and safe for both the animals and the visitors. This kind of work is difficult and requires the type of people that make up the team at Edge.

Keith McClintock / Principal, SH|R Studios

Immersive Exhibits

Included in Toyota Elephant Passage, was an open air gibbon exhibit. This exhibit allows the gibbons to hang from vines above the water, as well as above public viewing areas. For training and public understanding, a huge pool was constructed to where zoo employees could hold public demonstration and training sessions.