Dallas Zoo Hippos


Simmons Hippo Outpost

In cooperation with CLR’s designs, this exhibit was built into the hillside, allowing okapis to share the upper half of the exhibit. In the Hippo portion, a key feature of the design is the strangler fig tree, placed in the middle of the artificial riverbank. The tree is very intricate in design, which allows the red river hogs to hide in the roots of it when they are on exhibit.

“Edge creates environments that are comfortable and safe for both the animals and the visitors. This kind of work is difficult and requires the type of people that make up the team at Edge.”

Keith McClintock / Principal, SH|R Studios

Guests can view this exhibit from many angles, as the main path follows the circumference of the pool and leads to an underwater viewing shelter. A state-of-the-art filtration system was installed to keep the water clean and clear for both the animal and guests’ visibility.

All these features contributed to the USA Today Awards in 2021.