Fort Worth Zoo

Edge Themed Environments has continued to further establish a relationship with the Fort Worth Zoo for over five years.

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Growing Together

We’ve had the opportunity to grow with the Fort Worth Zoo, as the Zoo grows itself. Edge Themed Environments assisted with building multiple fascinating exhibits, such as the Hippo Exhibit, The African Savanna Exhibit, Elephant Springs, and the current build, Predator Ridge. One of the most exciting parts of working with the Fort Worth Zoo, is our shared outlooks, missions and goals with the wildlife preservation. They strive to strengthen the bond between humans and the environment, and Edge Themed Environments so luckily gets to assist in that, the best way we know possible, building safe, environmentally friendly, and intriguing environments that allow humans, and species to be a part of one experience.

“Edge is a true “trade partner” — they’re respectful of everyone else’s work and everything that has to be done on the project. They tick all the boxes and do right by all stakeholders.”

Brent Schoolfield / Senior Project Manager - Whiting Turner

Creating Good relationships

“You want to work with people who understand your goals and parameters and deliver accordingly. Edge does that and makes it even better.”

Hippo Exhibit

The health and well being of zoo animals is one of Edge Themed Environments main priorities. You can for sure see that through Fort Worth Zoo’s Hippo Exhibit. We’re always excited about our projects, but projects that allow us to make a positive impact on the lives of zoo animals are our favorite.

The hippo exhibit gives a real feel for the wild. With its large capacity, it can comfortably hold 3 adult hippos. It acts as a river basin cross section with an actual water current to give the hippos, and even the guests, a true feeling of a river. The exhibit is filled with a combination of natural and hand carved rocks, crafted by our talented craftsman, to provide realistic sights and textures. Though these rocks and mudbanks look very realistic, we make it a priority to smooth everything out so that the hippos aren’t able to scratch or injure themselves.

Edge Themed Environments aways goes the extra mile to make sure exhibits we help create are safe for all participants.

Predator Ridge

Fort Worth Zoo’s Predator Ridge has been a three-phase project with Edge Themed Environments. This project started in March of 2021 and was completed in 2023!  Key features include a grotto and cave that allow to guests can walk though seeing African wild dogs, cheetahs, and lions.


African Savanna

This build was a huge project for both Fort Worth Zoo and Edge Themed Environments. This 10-acre African savanna was a multi exhibit design that featured rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, and flamingos. This build allows for the guests be fully immersed in the naturalistic themed elements, like the mud banks and pools. A key element to this design was the giraffe feeding station where guest can hand feed the giraffes as part of their safari experience.

Elephant Springs

Like most of the exhibits Edge Themed Environments has created, Fort Worth Zoo’s Elephant Springs is very unique. It was inspired by a Thai River Village. The theming elements used for Elephant Springs were gathered from all over the United States, and recycled lumber was used all throughout this exhibit.. The details of Elephant Springs are very noticeable, as the theming elements were customized down to the tiniest of aspects, such as the ropes of buoys.

A new type of barrier was applied here. There was an underwater shelf placed in the pool to prevent the elephants from swimming too close to the guest viewing area, but also allowing the guest too feel more close than usual to the wild life. Other barriers were placed to divide the pools so that multiple pods of elephants could be kept in the same exhibit but also separated. This gives the zoo the opportunity to even allow the mixture of Rhinos in this one exhibit, as the animals can be separated safely.

Water cannons were implemented and constructed as River Village equipment, allowing guest to interact with the elephants in the exhibit. Additionally, a life-sized water tower was built and placed, allowing the elephants to walk underneath the waterspout. This gives the options of cooling off with either the waterfalls, or the water tower.

In 2022, Elephant Springs received a coveted Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA).

In November of 2021, the Elephant Springs exhibit was a recipient of the 28th annual TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) THEA Awards.

Elephant Springs - River Village