Thematic Props and Sculptures

Edge breathes realism into every fabricated feature, display, and major construction project. Our specialized fabrication is delivered by our enthusiastic and professional artisans. We apply technical and creative methodology to create habitat features, playground elements, or lifelike animal models to complement any theme or interest.

“Edge is committed to developing a great working relationship with all the stakeholders early on in the process- this allows everyone to understand the vision for the project and work together towards the same goal.”

Jason Hill / Principal, Studio Hansen Roberts

Hands on Children's Museum - Underwater Diearama

Creative Signage

Hands on Children's Museum - Underwater Diearama

Realism is especially important when creating elements from nature. Edge specializes in the sculpting of life-like plants and animals. With education as a focus, the sculpture must accurately represent its real life counterpart.



Oversized Imaginative Play Scultures

Honey Comb Climber


Over sized bees, honey comb and flowers.


Oversized grasshoppers to play on.


Hand Made Sculptures

Comodo Dragon made out of Rubber casting materials. Displayed at the AZA Showcase Booth.

Penguin crafted by hand in our shop.

Edge Themed Environments has the skills and abilities to create high detail epoxy sculptures, like this Meerkat.

Our sculptures can be more than just for show. On the playground, a bee honey comb can serve as a climbing structure as well as providing shade on a sunny day. Hyper realistic animal sculptures bring a sense of scale and wonder to the playground, allowing the minds of children to run free as they play alongside giant insects or splashing whales.


Sculptures go hand in hand with the overall theming of the playground. They not only immerse the guests into a new experience, but also set the playground apart from others. Elements like sculptures and playground features help create strong memories for children and parents and encourage the guests to return.

Edge Themed Environments crafted realistic mushrooms for visitors to play around on at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Adventure Trails children’s play area.

Dino Dig - Imagine Children's Museum

Milk Truck - Part of the Imagine Children's museum new, in progress, expansion